USC Photo Club



Joining our community is free! But we have an optional $20 semesterly membership dues that include additional club benefits and help your local USC Photography Club continue its operations.

We recommend becoming a paid member if you plan on attending any off-campus events because we prioritize members over non-members on our RSVP forms. Our events fill up quickly so being a paid member is usually required to attend most of our events.

Paid membership benefits include:

  • Free admission to events and discounted admission to retreats
  • Priority admission to events and retreats
  • Exclusive invites to paid member only socials



Step 1

Sign up for our email list by clicking on the button below and filling out the form.

Step 2

Participate in the online community by joining our Facebook group.

Step 3

Spread the word! Follow our Instagram and like our Facebook page. 

Step 4

Venmo $20 @uscphotoclub (include your USC email) & we'll see you at events!