Travel Photography Tips

London Bridge.

London Bridge.


Traveling to every destination you go to offers so much more than having a break from reality. It allows you to become immersed in the culture, history, people, and more importantly - you might learn a few more things about yourself along the way. Everyone takes different things away from their travels, whether it’s new companions or souvenirs. However, the best part of traveling is taking photos that will last as tangible memories for a lifetime. I’ve done a lot of traveling in this past year…stretching from New York, Hawaii, London, Dublin, and even Ghana! So I’ve learned some helpful tips for you to improve your traveling experience as well as your travel photography.

Pack light!!!

I cannot emphasize this enough! The last thing you want to be doing when you are walking from place to place is to be hauling around a load of heavy gear. Trust me. You don’t need it! Your photos are as good as your experience during the trip. So don’t strain yourself by adding some extra load to your trip.

Don’t plan too much

I’ve come to realize that the best photos I have taken were the ones that I did not plan for. For example…if I planned to go to Buckingham Palace expecting to take some amazing shots, my expectations weren’t met. I found that I much rather enjoyed the photos that I took on a busy street. Now, I don’t necessarily mean take photos of everything and anything. I just mean take photos of what you appreciate in that present time. Enjoy your trip, and live in the moment! That will reflect in the photos you take.

   Edit photos after your trip

I don’t know if this is for everyone, but for me, when I’m traveling, my days are jammed packed. The last thing I want to do after a full day of traveling is to stay up all night editing the photos that I have taken from the day. No one edits well when they’re tired, and I think that goes for everything in life. You can always edit your photos after your trip, they aren’t going anywhere. Plus, it’s just nice to take a step back and revisit photos with a fresh mind.

   Bring your camera everywhere

Like I said earlier, sometimes your best photos are the ones that you don’t expect. You will never know when a great photo opportunity might present itself to you while you are traveling. A big part of travel photography (in my opinion) is luck. Sometimes you might get lucky and find some amazing hidden gems along your journey.

    Enjoy yourself!

Unless you photograph for National Geographic, I don’t think you’re traveling with the full intent of traveling just for the sake of taking photos. Talk to people! Learn the culture! You’ll learn so much and enjoy yourself so much more. Take a step back from your viewfinder and just take in all the beauty surrounding you in the present moment. It’s okay to put your camera down for a second…remember what you came on this trip for in the first place.

Wow, with all that being said…I am definitely not an expert on travel photography. These are just some things that I have learned for myself along the way and would love to share with all of you. Whether you are shooting on an iPhone or DSLR, I’m sure you’ll capture some amazing moments on your next trip! Safe travels!

Trinity College in Dublin.

Trinity College in Dublin.


Live your best life xx


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