The Divide Between Passion and Profession

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As we approach the end of the fall semester, I felt that it was appropriate to discuss the divide between the passions and the profession. What I mean by this is the sacrifices we have to make every day in order to one day hopefully join the workforce along with the rest of society. Through doing so, we sometimes forget our passion, which is what makes you, you. Your passion is something that you enjoy doing - whether that be surfing, DJing, or photography. I feel as we grow older and we take on more responsibilities, we push these passions we used to hold so dear aside for the professional aspect of our lives. If your passion resides in your profession you are one of the lucky ones. I do find joy in my future career path, but it doesn’t encompass completely who I am as a person. My profession doesn’t define me, neither does my passion - they both do. However, for many of us, we forget this and focus on one more than the other.

Is it healthy though? To be giving up a part of yourself in order to meet the status quo of what we view as success in life? Success can be valued towards everyone differently. What one person views as success might be another’s failure. This ultimately depends on what you value as a human being and shouldn’t be dictated by any others. I believe that there is a way to be able to have both. We just have to make time for it.

Making time for it can be very difficult, and I understand that. We all have such hectic schedules, and we need to prioritize what is important to us at the current moment in time. We tell ourselves that this can wait and that we need to focus on the next big project or exam that is coming up. However, how much longer are we going to keep telling ourselves this can wait? Your passions aren’t going to wait for you - they’re just going to sit there idly until the next time you decide to pick it up again - and when is that going to happen? It’s important to make time for these passions because they are what make up the core of you. The more we give ourselves to our profession, the more we realize that a part of ourselves are chipping away everyday and, next thing you know, you will be empty by the time you’re 30. You’ll have less and less to give to the world in doing so.

I think the most important thing to realize and to take away from all this is to find a balance, which is hard to find/do. But whether it’s allowing yourself an hour a day every day to do something that you truly love or allowing yourself even just an hour out of every week, I believe that you’ll lead a much happier and more successful life in doing so.

I’ve seen a part of me chipped away and getting wrapped up in it all. I’m still working on it myself, and I’m making time for things now that I thought were trivial, but in reality were big to me. The small things are what make up the bigger picture. You’re capable of more than you think you are capable of doing. Don’t forget that. After all, we are our toughest critics. I’m making time for my passions, it’s time you make time for yours.


Christy Luong

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