Ojai Wanderings with Maia


Let's face it; we all know that everything gets pretty crazy busy in college, and it can be really easy to lose track of time. That's why I made a deal with myself this year to explore more - and when my close friend and fellow photographer Dani Tuchman messaged me asking me if I wanted to go to Ojai one day, I said when do I pick you up?

I'd never been to Ojai before, but I didn't have to try too hard thanks to my friend Dani - who is pretty much a pro at creating Instagram "wish lists" for places she wants to go to. Before we even left campus, she already had picked out some of the coolest restaurants, artists shoppes, and lookouts to stop at. Even then, we had some spontaneous detours along the way, such as illegally parking on the street to quickly stroll through a grove of orange trees or pulling over at an old gas-station-turned-boutique and falling in love with every single item we saw. We only got to spend one short day in Ojai, but in that time we saw caravan parks, bookstores, restaurants, boutiques, ice cream parlors; we found random staircases with gorgeous Spanish tiles and donated to the Artists Support Thomas Fire Recovery Fund. Despite our short time, we got a small taste of everything Ojai has to offer. 

So my best advice for going into any new area or city is to do just what we did. Sure, go with a plan - find places you're interested in visiting and pitstops you're looking to explore. On the other hand, don't forget to leave plenty of time for the unexpected and the random. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is important to "slow down and smell the roses," because no matter what, those impromptu moments spent with people you care about will never fit into a plan. 

And of course, take plenty of pictures along the way!

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