Nuts and Bolts: Instagram Business Account


As we all know, Instagram launched Business profiles over two years ago. However, many of us did not realize the benefits of switching to a Business profile on a personal account until recently. The benefits of having a business profile lie in the insights it provides. If you are interested in growing your Instagram following and reaching a broader audience, an Instagram Business profile is for you!

So, what are the insights that business profiles provide?

1. Impressions: the number of times your ads appeared on users' screens.

2. Reach: the number of unique users that have seen any of your Instagram posts.

3. Website Clicks: the number of times any links you've included in your business profile have been clicked.

4. Profile Visits: the number of times your profile has been viewed.

5. Followers: the number of followers you've gained or lost over the past week PLUS the time(s) of day when your followers are most active on average.

Instagram Post Insights

In addition to providing insights on the overall user traffic in your account, Instagram business accounts provide insights on individual Instagram posts. To view these insights, tap on a post, then click "View Insights" below the image.

Instagram will provide the following:

1. Likes: the number of users who liked your post.

2. Comments: the number of comments left on your post.

3. Saves: the number of unique accounts who saved your post.

4. Actions: the number of actions that users took on your profile after seeing your post i.e., visiting your profile, clicking a website link, liking a post, following you, etc.

5. Discovery: where your post was seen PLUS the number of accounts who were not following you who saw your post.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become an essential part of Instagram marketing strategies in the past year because Instagram updated its algorithms, placing higher value on Instagram stories. The algorithm takes into account the number of times you post on an Instagram Story as well as the interactions you have receive on your Instagram Stories in the past. This explains the shift in which influencers have begun dedicating more time and resources to their Instagram Stories and Highlights.

Instagram has added new formats to Instagram Stories, namely:

Still photos

Video (hands-free, too!)






Stop Motion

To find your Story insights, tap the icon of the bar chart at the top of your profile.

1. Impressions: the number of times your Story was seen. If you post a series of photos to your Instagram story, Instagram will not measure the amount of views these photos receive individually, but will consider your entire story as having received one impression if a user views your story and exits.

2. Reach: the number of unique users that have seen your Story.

3. Taps Forward: the number of times a user taps your Story photo or video to skip to the next piece of media.

4. Taps Back: the number of time a user taps your Story photo or video to go back to the previous piece of media.

5. Replies: the number of times users send messages through the "Send Message" text box on your Story.

6. Swipe away: the number of times users swipe to skip to the next account’s Story -- not to be mistaken for "tap forward," which reflects users skipping ahead to your next piece of Story media.

7. Exits: the number of times a user leaves the Stories section entirely to return to the home feed.


Just last month, Instagram released IGTV, a video platform where users can upload videos of up to 10 minutes, while accounts with larger audiences can upload videos as long as one hour. Originally, users were only able to upload videos of up to 60 seconds to Instagram. Instagram intends for IGTV to compete with Youtube. IGTV has many pros and cons. To start with the positives, you don’t need to record, edit, create or upload videos from your phone onto IGTV. Instagram is also drawing users to watch IGTV content by providing notifications as a bar at the top of your IG feed when people you follow post new content. And as for the negatives, videos are displayed as portrait aspect with a 9:16 ratio, so say goodbye to those beautiful landscapes! Moreover, IGTV has yet to find a way to incorporate hashtags into the new platform.

And now, onto the insights…

After uploading a video to IGTV, you can see insights such as likes, comments, view count, the average percent of video watched, as well as an audience retention graph. To access these insights, tap the settings symbol (it looks like a sun) on an iPhone, or 3 vertical dots on an Android at the bottom of the video, then tap “View Insights.”

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