Instagram Seamless Multi-Post Tutorial


A simple way to create a single seamless photo look with multiple images for Instagram

Open your panoramic photograph in Adobe Photoshop and crop it with an aspect ratio of 3:1. Instagram allows you to seamlessly swipe up to ten times so the max aspect ratio is 10:1).


Go to View > Create New Guide Layout and set the column number to 3 and the change all the other value to 0. Click Ok.


Pick the slice tool from the toolbar and select Slices from Guides on the top. Slices allow you to break up an image into multiple pieces and easily save them as multiple slices.


Go to Export > Save as web. Change the image settings to JPEG and save. Transfer the 3 output images to your phone (I recommend Airdrop for iPhone users). Post the images by choosing Select Multiple. Choose your images in a left to right order.


There you go. Now you have a very engaging seamless wide image on your Instagram.

Experiment with the template. Try new things!

0_1-min (1).gif

I created a template (10,800 x 1,080 pixels with 10 guided slices) on Photoshop and used File > Place to embed my photos into the document.

Using Command T (Mac) or Control T (PC) I transformed the photo to fit the panorama in the template.


I then use the same steps as above to export the images and post them on Instagram.

Try more advanced layouts like @caseymcperry’s Puzzle Instagram Feed

Casey transformed his Instagram feed into one giant collage of smaller collages, connecting his images vertically and horizontally with overlain objects like filmstrips, camera straps, or snowboards.

Nothing gets out of line, everything stays connected.

Nothing gets out of line, everything stays connected.


Hope you guys get inspired to try out new things! Comment below if you want more tutorials.


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