Around LA: LACMA Beyond the Lights

Everyone knows about the Urban Lights at LACMA, but that’s not what we're here for! After numerous trips there, we’ve compiled our top three favorite spots that you might not have known about.

Before you go, be sure to note any signs for no photography—you don’t want to get kicked out! And there’s no tripods or monopods allowed either, and even if you’re just bringing something that looks like one, the guards will yell at you for that too. Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, here are our favorite three spots: 

Levitated Mass (NW corner at Fairfax and W. 6th)

The best time for any of these is sunset, but of course you can’t (but definitely try!) hit all of these at the same golden hour. We recommend visiting in the afternoon and checking out Levitated Mass a little bit earlier, like one to two hours before sunset, so you can get the nice light peeking through the rock.

All photos by Trevor Sochocki ( @trevorsochocki )

All photos by Trevor Sochocki (@trevorsochocki)


Sculpture Garden (between Urban Lights and Japanese Pavilion)

Visit the Sculpture Garden next, because as soon as the sun falls beneath a certain point, those nice shadows you see in this iPhone picture are gone. This also requires a relatively clear day to get that contrast between dark and light.




Japanese Pavilion (East side between Hammer Building and the LA Brea Tar Pits)

The Japanese Pavilion is the last place to hit because it only looks good at sunset. Beware, though! If you’re at LACMA during the winter, sunset will be earlier and the Pavilion may close earlier than you think. This is also the one place on this list that has an inside exhibition, which can be really cool.




What kinds of photos can you get at each?

Most of these shots are lifestyle, where you place someone in the photo and take a picture of them in the landscape, but they can be pure landscape photos as well. Play around with light and get photos working with the shadows and golden hour. You never know what you can get!

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